A handmade feminist shop – how we got started

My name is Fabiana and I am the lead designer behind Femishopzi. I have envisioned what would become the Femishozi brand in the end of 2016. I was deeply disturbed by Donald Trump’s election. I just could not believe a men who unashamedly spread hate, division, and fear of the other was chosen to be the leader of the free world. 

Before this, I have spent a significant chunk of my life working in multinationals. Even though I have had luck, privilege, and some success, I have always felt restless with the notion that there was still a long way for women to be truly accepted and respected in the workplace. 

These feelings moved me to develop products that would somehow reflect my experience of how women empowerment and progressive politics deserve more visibility and affirmation.

You can learn more about how we feel about feminism and political activism in our blog, check it out.

Our creation process 

All of our products are created using light machinery in our studio in Norman, OK. We take pride in designing and manufacturing our products in an ethical and sustainable manner in the United States

The t-shirts and mugs we sell are purchased blank from socially responsible suppliers and then customized in our studio. All of our other products are made from scratch by us.

You can fnd more details about our policies and practices in our FAQ page.