Explaining the Femishopzi Name

Explaining the Femishopzi Name

I get asked a lot why I chose the name Femishopzi.

I’ll be honest. I have flirted a lot with the punch line: “The one-stop shop for all proud Feminazis in the world”.

I have struggled for quite a bit with the word Feminazi. It’s disgusting that women who are fighting for equality are compared to members of an oppression system that murdered, tortured, and stole property from millions of people solely based on their religion.

The whole concept contradicts itself. Why would women who are fighting to have their voices heard against oppression are being compared to the most evil oppression group in modern history?

What is even more ridiculous is that you don’t even need to be a radical feminist to be called a Feminazi. You do not need to hate men, or flaunt abortions, or declare that women are the superior gender. All you need to be called a Feminazi is to defend women’s right to equality.

The origins of the word Feminazi

It helps a bit to know where this comes from. The use of the word Feminazi gained traction among alt-right celebrities and right wing media. If we look at it from a digital perspective, their main audience is the typical disenchanted young male who thinks the world failed him because women and minorities ruined everything.

Furthermore, we now know that Russians have financed and encouraged this kind of speech. Their bots reverberate and artificially inflate these points of view.

My point is…  men like this won’t stop calling us Feminazis. They do it to offend us, and to trigger us. Rather than engage in dumb interactions with this kind of people, I decided to let them call me whatever they want. My skin is pretty thick.

Call me Feminazi. Call me a slut. Unattractive. Dumb. Call me whatever you want.

I have heard it all before. And yet, I will not be silenced.

And that is why I named my shop Femishopzi. If being a Feminazi means speaking up for equality and more opportunity for women, that’s precisely who I am. And I won’t ever stop.

And if there are more women who are like me, that’s exactly who this shop is for.


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