Hello World!

Hello World

This post is the official opening of our online store.

My name is Fabiana and I have long dreamed about opening a shop geared at creating items for feminists and minorities. I am an immigrant who has married an American citizen and moved to the United States. Before moving here, I worked in multinational companies and financial institutions for around 15 years in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. My journey towards feminism and activism wasn’t really a value I grew up with but rather a consequence of trying to find my own space in the world.

I was born and grew up in Brazil, where I feel the patriarchy is even more pervasive than in the US. My mom has always told me that I should be independent, have my own career, and not expect anything from men — which I believe is quite progressive. But all around me, every girl I knew was getting bombarded with messages that were binding and limiting.

We learned that no matter how successful a woman was, she did not deserve full respect unless her body was shaped like airbrushed models in magazines. Or even if she was lucky to have a “beach body” and a great career, she could not be trusted unless you had a man to call your own (is that even a thing?)

There is a lot more I could say, but it’s painful, and this is just my first post.

I am a firm believer in intersectional feminism. I know that despite my struggles trying to find my own way in the world, I have been very lucky to have had a tremendous amount of privilege. I believe in fighting for all women, regardless of their race, origin, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, or assigned gender at birth.

Together we are strong, and our voices cannot be silenced.

Maybe this is too much for a first blog post from an online store, but if you made all your way over here and are reading these words, I think it’s fair to show where I am coming from. I hope you enjoy my art and interpretation of feminism and activism. All of the items sold in this store were designed by me (with the exception of shirts and mugs, which are customized in our studio).

Feel free to reach out by commenting on this post or contacting me through the contact forms. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading!


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